Artichoke celebration at Monterey County fair

'Artie' the Artichoke will appear

CASTROVILLE, Calif. - The official veggie of Monterey County and the state of California, the Artichoke, will be celebrated this weekend at the 78th Annual Monterey County Fair from August 27 to September 1.

Ocean Mist Farms will be serving fried artichokes and artichoke sourdough bisque at the fair,  as well as entering Ocean Mist's product line of fresh vegetables, including artichokes, for judging against other locally grown produce.

"We are excited to bring the majority of our local grown vegetables to this year's Monterey County Fair," Said Hilda Medina, Marketing Event Specialist and Report Analysis. "It's a great way to demonstrate the quality and commitment we have as a local grower."

It's an annual tradition for the Ocean Mist Farms harvest managers, crew supervisors and quality assurance team to demonstrate their expertise at putting together special fair packs for the vegetable commodity judging competition.

Ocean Mist Farms is sending Arti the Artichoke to celebrate at the fair on Friday, August 29 to meet fans from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., in the Ag Building and then throughout the fairgrounds.  Arti's Facebook  has more details about his appearances.

As part of its fair participation, Ocean Mist Farms donates product to the Country Store in the Ag Building each day of the fair; all Country Store sales proceeds benefit the Monterey County Fair exhibit program and Ag department.

For more information about Ocean Mist Farms visit; for Monterey County Fair information, visit .

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