19-year-old arrested after leading Salinas Police on brief chase

SALINAS, Calif - One man was arrested and booked for several charges after leading Salinas Police Officers on a brief chase.

One Officer was on routine patrol driving through Acosta Plaza near the bottom of the hill when two suspects; 19-year-old Jesus Fernandez and another Northern gang member were walking toward Officer Miller’s car acting suspicious.

As he opened the door to his patrol car, Fernandez took off running southbound holding his waistband. The Officer chased him through the complex then up the back of the hill to the rear of a couple of townhouses. As Fernandez was running up the hill, still holding his waistband, another Officer attempted to Tase him.

Fernandez fell to the ground and at the same time tossed a Ruger 9mm semi-automatic handgun. The firearm had a high capacity magazine loaded with 22 rounds and the serial number was obliterated.

Fernandez was transported to the Monterey County Jail where he was booked for several gang and gun charges.

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