A letter from Marc and Jas and Blach Construction


This is Marc and Jasmine from Central Coast News. We are writing to you because we are launching a great new program. It is called Classroom Makeover.

The goal is to help teachers teach by giving them the supplies they so desperately need for their students.

The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development found, that on average, an elementary school teacher spends $500 annually, out of their own pocket, to buy supplies for their classrooms.

So we have teamed up with Blach Construction to choose a teacher and provide a $500 check for a Classroom Makeover.

Here is how you can participate: Visit and click Classroom Makeover on the tab at the top of the home page. That is where you will find the information and 2 different applications.

One application is for a teacher who wants to apply. The second application is for students or parents who want to nominate a teacher for a Classroom Makeover. Click send after you fill out the application. You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received. Deadline for each month's submission is the 15th.

On the 15th of each month a committee will review the applications and select one teacher for that month's Classroom Makeover. Then we will show up at school with a big check!

We hope you will let people know about this program and participate. We are excited to give back to those teachers who have given so much already.

Marc & Jas
Central Coast News

John W. Haupt
Region Manager, Monterey Bay Office
Blach Construction

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