A New Boys & Girls Club Focuses on Helping Out Teens

Boys and Girls Club Opens in Scotts Valley

A new boys and girls club opened in Scotts Valley

On Saturday the boys and girls club of Santa Cruz County cut ribbons on the Joe and Linda Aliberti Club House. The celebration included youth bands, games and even a petting zoo. It opens on Monday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. for it's first full day of after-school programming. The new location will offer programs for youth development as well as:

"A fully staffed arts and craft center. we have a games room. we also have an outstanding computer lab,and a 12,000 sq ft play field," said Bob Longseth, Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County.

Currently the boys and girls club serves more than 2,000 youth in Santa Cruz county, but this new clubhouse will look to focus on creating a teen hub of sorts.

"We are for 6 to 18 year olds. we have outstanding leadership programs designed specifically for teens. they have an opportunity to work with the younger members," said Bob Longseth, Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County.

Creating this space with the Boys & Girls Club was the vision of Joseph and Linda Aiberti. The Aliberti's are also the founders of the clubhouse, and they explained why they wanted to give this space to the community of Scotts Valley.

" One of the times he ran away, he'll explain in his speech later. he ended up finding the boys club. At that time it was the boys club on Socal in Santa Cruz and it was a safe haven for him," said Linda Alberti, Founder of The Joe and Linda Aliberti Club House. 

The mayor of Scott's Valley Jim Reed attended the clubhouse's opening. In his speech Mayor Reed mentions that it's important to have a place for the youth.

 "a place where youth can be safe, where they've got a place to go..and we can get them on the right path in life. and that's what the boys and girls club is all about," said Scotts Valley Mayor Jim Reed.

Annual membership at the boys and girls club costs $75 per year. All information about this club is available online at boys&

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