After being missing two years, Sierra Lamar isn't alone

Friends and family gathered Friday to support search efforts

2 years later, hope remains for Sierra Lamar

MORGAN HILL, Calif. - "I wouldn't wish this on anyone." These were the words of Sierra LaMar's father, almost two years to the day his 15 year-old daughter disappeared. Her body still hasn't been found.

Steve LaMar was not alone Friday evening as dozens of families and friends gathered at Morgan Hill Bowl to raise money for the Sierra Lamar Support Search Efforts.

Eleven year-old Miranda Nunez was with her mother and father who currently live down the street from Sierra's home. She stated, "I come here to support because 35 percent of the proceeds go to the "Sierra LaMar Support Search Efforts."

Debbie Nunez, Miranda Nunez's father said they live down the street from where Sierra and the LaMar family was every morning. She added, "We feel very close and we have been searching for two years."

Debbie Nunez also stated that she thinks of her own daughter and the precautions her family now takes. "We have always used the buddy system but now we choose to drive our kids because I don't even know if the buddy system is safe anymore," she said.

Miranda said that it is scary to think that something like this could happen right down the street.

Like Steve, volunteer search groups still hold on to hope that Sierra will be found.

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