After detaining 9 people from King City earlier in week, ICE agents were in Soledad Wednesday

After detaining 9 people from King...

SOLEDAD, Calif. - ICE agents staged immigration raids in at least three Central Coast cities this week and at least 9 people are in federal custody. On Wednesday Soledad Police received a courtesy call from ICE. Chief Eric Sills said the department did not cooperate, and in fact were not even asked.

"They're well aware of some of the controversy that surrounds the area and the concerns people have and our police department," said Soledad Police Chief Sills

Earlier this year the city of Soledad declared itself a sanctuary city, and if ICE knew that, they also knew the welcome would be cold and help limited.

"We're going to be there to provide assistance in case of an emergency, but they did not ask for any assistance and they wanted just to give us a notification that they would be in town," said Sills.

It is likely Ice had search warrants and was after specific people. It’s unclear at this time if any arrests were made. King City’s Police Chief said the same thing happened Monday in his city and nine people were arrested. Ice agents made their way to the Central Coast back in February in Santa Cruz when they detained several alleged gang members.

"We weren’t completely comprised of everything that was going to happen and we didn't feel comfortable with the information we had so we chose not to devote resources to it," said Santa Cruz Police Spokesperson.

Following that raid the Santa Cruz Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security found themselves in a war of words.

"We cannot tell you how betrayed we are by the department of homeland security," said Chief Vogel. 

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