Air quality drops on Central Coast from North Bay fires

Wildfires decreasing air quality on...

Air quality on the Central Coast has dropped since smoke from the North Bay fires is drifting south. 

San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties saw air quality go down to the "unhealthy" level on Wednesday. 

Winds began to shift and pick up around noon Wednesday, sending smoke from the fires to the central coast.

Felton Fire District sent a spotter plane up to make sure no fires had started in the area.

According to the Monterey Bay Air Quality Resources District, when air levels are unhealthy, outdoor activity should be limited or stopped. Especially for the elderly and young children who are most vulnerable. Also keep doors and windows closed to homes and businesses.

The smoke has also caused an uptick in 9-1-1 calls. Santa Cruz Regional 911 says they have received close to 100 calls over smoke concern since the fires have started.

Air quality has also caused concern for schools on the Central Coast. Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley Unified School Districts both say they have had multiple after school programs cancelled and held PE classes inside. Those Districts say they will be following the levels of air quality closely and keep children inside on Thursday, if necessary.

To check the air quality in your area click here.

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