Apparent spill causes murky waters in San Lorenzo River

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - If you noticed some murky waters in the San Lorenzo River this morning, you're not alone.

The City of Santa Cruz received a call from county Environmental Health notifying them of some sort of spill in the San Lorenzo River near Henry Cowell Park this morning.

They immediately shut down the intake pipe on the river and sent out water quality employees to begin testing at various sites on the river and are currently using water from the Loch Lomond Reservoir.

The source of the spill is still unknown, however County officials believe it could be latex paint. They are not sure if it was dumped or leaked in from a septic tank. Hazmat crews will be on call all weekend to make sure it dissipates properly.

Though the substance does not seem to be damaging to the river, officials would like to remind river goers not to dump any substances into the water.

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