Aptos dome-like home on the market

Listed for $500,000

APTOS, Calif. - An unusual Aptos home is on the market for just under $500,000.

The geodesic dome located at 744 Loma Prieta Drive is a remnant of a construction fad from the late 1960s and the early 1970s.

Created by Walther Bauersfeld in the years following World War I, a geodesic dome is a dome-like structure that is modeled after a geodesic polyhedron, a polyhedron which is composed of triangles that meet to form a sphere .

Geodesic domes are remarkable for their structure and ability to withstand large amounts of pressure.

Owning one of these unique structures can be a challenge. Geodesic domes are complex and few architects have experience constructing and maintaining them.

Built in 1980, the two bedroom, one-and-a-half bath Aptos home currently on the market was constructed after the heyday of geodesic dome homes, however; it boasts the architecture that early domes are known for. 

The home is advertised as a “fixer upper with a lot of potential” and has been listed by Jim Zenner of Karon Properties. 


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