Area politicians, residents react to possible DACA decision

Area politicians residents react to...

WATSONVILLE, Calif. - Talk about President Trump ending the DACA program has sparked concern among residents and even politicians in our area.

The DACA program grants work permits to undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as children. And the decision to do away with it could impact thousands of people, many of them here on the central coast.

Many say the decision could cause a lot of political tension. And Congressman Jimmy Panetta says to make things work, both sides will have to unite.

“Donald Trump is doing what he’s doing in regards to fulfilling his campaign promises, we understand that. But let’s just hope that republicans in congress and democrats in Congress can work together to protect the people that deserve to be here.”

Councilman Felipe Hernandez says with Santa Cruz being a sanctuary city, he is also disappointed.


“To no fault of their own, they were brought here without them making any decision to it are now after finishing universities, after becoming professionals are now going to be deported from this country, which is saddening.”

KION’s Zach McIntyre will have more on the controversy at 6.

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