'Big Little Lies' will return to the Peninsula for season 2

Big Little Lies will return to the...

MONTEREY, Calif. - David Olsen lives in Pacific Grove, and he takes a run down to lover's point every morning.

"So one morning, I go out to my jog and there's like 17 giant trailers lined up and Reese Witherspoon is standing on the corner," Olsen said.

The Oscar-winning actress plays a feisty mom in an upscale community in Monterey.

Since its release in February, the short series quickly snatched a long list of awards and is dominating the Golden Globes with six nominations.

Olsen played a part in the popular show.

"There's one fuzzy outline of me in one of the Fisherman's Wharf scenes," Olsen said.    

While Olsen had a very small part, the impact 'Big Little Lies' had, and still has, on the Central Coast is anything but minuscule.

From attracting visitors to hiring local crews, it brought in $2.5 million.

"It's a great picture postcard that we really can't buy or replicate so it's a wonderful opportunity for us," said Tammy Blount, CEO of the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

It seems like there will be a replica of that economic boost as HBO announced Friday that the limited series will no longer be limited -- a second season is in the works.

"We will definitely be coming back to Monterey. Hopefully, we will shoot there as much, if not more, than we shot the first season, which was about five weeks. Hopefully, it will be six weeks this time," said Gregg Fienberg, the show’s executive producer.  

Fienberg won't offer any spoilers but said we can expect a powerful story of women finding their voices through conflicts and life's other challenges.

"It’s a female-centric show and I think there's a lot of female power behind the scenes and obviously a lot of female power in front of the camera, and (it's) a story about the lives of women, and so it's a really important story to tell,” Fienberg said.


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