Big Sur Residents Prep For Mudslides & Erosion

Part of Highway 1 closed Wednesday night because of heavy rain

BIG SUR, Calif. - The California Highway Patrol has closed Highway 1 south of Big Sur in both directions on Wednesday night.  CHP is dealing with a rock slide near Coast Gallery and crews can't get to it until the morning.  Plus on Sycamore Canyon Road, only those people living there are allowed to pass.  The US Forestry Service isn't taking any chances with more mudslides, following the big wildfire two months ago.

"It's kinda scary right now, there's a couple washouts here and there.  Kinda worried I'm not gonna be able to make it home one of these nights," said Big Sur resident Heidi Vrable.

Vrable lives on Sycamore Canyon Road and said she's seen her share of damage done in Big Sur.  She didn't lose her house during the Pfeiffer Fire in December.  But it was gut-wrenching to see 34 homes destroyed and over 900 acres burned. 

"This is the second fire I've been through in Big Sur and mudslides.  So yeah, it's been an interesting year," Vrable said.

Caution signs are already out along Highway 1, letting drivers know where crews think the road could be very dangerous.  At this point spirits seem to be up, despite erosion along roads and the warning of mudslides as drivers enter the coastline.

"I think most of them are just happy to have some water, so that when summer comes around they can actually rebuild and things are actually going to grow back," said Lucia resident Bree Harlan.

But residents like Vrable are worried about losing access to their homes, causing another headache all too soon.  She hasn't heard of any additional safety warnings but she's glad crews are taking caution with the road leading to her house.

"At this point it's still passable.  But who knows.  if it keeps coming down like this, it could become impassable at any time," Vrable said.

Crews are also checking out Highway 9 near Boulder Creek to see if it needs to be closed for the night because of a mudslide.

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