Burglar strikes Salinas bakery, steals cake instead of money

bakery burglar

SALINAS, Calif. - A burglar breaks into a Salinas bakery, for cake!  It's the second time something like this has happened for Main Street Bakery and Catering in less than six months.  Now the community is coming together to help. 

The owners said the door wouldn't look like new if it weren't for some help from some good people in the Salinas community.  They said some people they don't even know, saw an opportunity to help out a neighbor.

"Out of nowhere, people are calling me and saying, "Hey can we come over and help?" said Main Street Bakery and Catering owner Luz Cedillo.

Cedillo said her surveillance video shows a guy breaking into their front door at about 5:30 Wednesday morning.  She said the suspect stole a cake worth about $30.  It's like deja vu because back in December, a different burglar got in through the back door, stealing several hundred dollars in cash.

"We have it on tape again and it's just like there's nothing we can do, it's just up for the community to see if they can recognize the person," Cedillo said. 

This time Cedillo said the burglar did about $500 worth of damage to the bakery's front door.  Once word got around, Cedillo and her family-run business got a response they weren't expecting.  She says some friends in the community stepped up to the plate and helped them get a new door pretty quickly.

"A few of my friends have actually helped with putting it back together, making sure that we feel secure," Cedillo said.

It's a feeling she's grateful for because she said two break-ins in less than six months, is pretty frustrating.

"For so many people to come up and say we're here, you let us know if you need anything we're here to help, extend a hand, it's amazing," Cedillo said.

Cedillo said after the incident in December, she learned not to keep cash in the register overnight.  So this time, the burglar wasn't able to get away with any cash.


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