CA Drought

Lompico Residents Under Tight Water Rationing Restrictions

Homeowners are recycling water for dishes and plants

LOMPICO, Calif. - Many counties are making a push to conserve water.  But one community has it really rough.  Fewer than 500 people live in the Lompico area of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Yet there's not enough water to serve them.  On Thursday night we found out what the community is facing and how they're getting by in phase 3 mandatory water rationing. 

Some are collecting run off in buckets to water their plants and saving every last drop to watch dishes with recycled water.

"Flush every third time, unless you need to flush, don't run the dishwasher unless the dishwasher is completely full," said Lompico resident Steve Vizena. 

"I mean we always have a problem with water.  But nothing like this," said Lompico County Water District board president Lois Henry.

Henry said it's a little frightening to be on a list with 16 other communities around the state, who are dealing with a severe lack of water. 

The California Department of Public Health said it's going to work with communities like Lompico on conservation measures and to identify any nearby water resources.  Herny said on Thursday she filled out an application to possibly get help from the San Lorenzo Water District.

"If we had a fire, if we have a big line break or if we lose -- we have one well that's not working well and if we lose it totally, we just aren't going to have enough water," Henry said.

Some residents we spoke with said they have faith the water board will figure it out, while others have their doubts. 

"I think the funds that should have been there to take care of the situation aren't, so yeah I'm kind of concerned about it," Vizena said.

The water district isn't sure when it'll get a response to it's request for emergency water.

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