Rep. Sam Farr issues Central Coast health challenge

Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, is launching a 30 day challenge to challenge to eat healthier and exercise more starting Monday.

He's encouraging Central Coast residents to join him.

Mary Toscano, a certified nutrition educator and author of the book "Sweet Fire: Sugar, Diabetes & Your Health," came up with the Sam Farr Challenge after meeting with the Congressman in his Washington office on behalf of the American Diabetes Association.

"I have been involved in the national debate about the health of our country but to be honest a hectic Congressional schedule makes it difficult to eat right and exercise daily," said Farr. "However, when it comes to health, it's not enough to talk the talk. It's time to walk the walk...literally."

The Sam Farr Challenge is based on 3 simple rules and has two level: The basic level calls for participants to avoid alcohol after 7:30 p.m., consume no more than one serving of bread or pasta per day (whole grains preferred) and walk 7,000 steps or exercise for 30 minutes every day. The extreme challenge increases the number of steps to 10,000 or one hour of exercise and participants should avoid any foods made with flour or contain more than 20 grams of sugar.

Anyone interested in joining the challenge should visit to sign up for free. Participants will receive email updates, encouragement videos and other resources to help with their own personal challenge. Farr will provide updates on his social media about his journey.

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