Car week wraps; clean up begins

Cars displayed at Concours d'Elegance are being shipped home

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. - It's a wrap for car week. With the crowds mostly gone, crews are taking down showrooms and getting the exotic vehicles back to their homes.

Carrier drivers like Terry Bberry will be making cross-country deliveries all week.

"I'm headed to Dallas, then St. Louis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin," Berry said.

And his cargo is hefty.

"Close to 70 to 100 million," Berry said.

Even though total car sales were lower than last year's $390 million, auction houses like Gooding & Company are walking away with some eight-digit sales.

And for Berry, there's no difference.

"You just block it out and do your job, you know. I treat them all the same, whether it's $50 or $50 million," Berry said.

He's happy to be back on the road.

"It's one of the events that we do good on. There is some money here. We left some here for you all, and it's time to go somewhere else now," Berry said.

Robert Shaw is making similar deliveries and says the cost varies.

"It depends on what the vehicle is, how far it's going. It varies, 27-2,800, something like that to go from here to Massachusetts," Berry said.

And if it's not shipping vehicles, crews are working to take down showrooms.

"It took about two and a half weeks to build it, and it's going to take us about four days to take it down," said David Cooper from Andry Specialty Vehicles.

Most materials will either go back to the companies or be recycled.

"A lot of our materials are recycled. There are a lot of pieces, like the flooring that gets cut up and it's too small to use for anything else again," Cooper said.

Most car carriers will be leaving for delivery within the next few days and the cleanup should be done by the end of the week.

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