Car Week

Car Week adjustments being made due to Soberanes Fire

Changes coming to Car Week due to wildfire

MONTEREY, Calif. - Monterey County leaders met Wednesday morning to discuss what impact the Soberanes Fire will have on Car Week 2016, scheduled for August 15-21 at various locations around the Monterey Peninsula.

Car Week is expected to bring close to 85,000 people to the Monterey Peninsula. With big crowds expected, county leaders have made changes to one event and are adding parking restrictions to ensure firefighters won't have problems getting to fire front lines.

There will be parking restrictions near the firefighter post on Carmel Valley Road.
"We've put in enforceable No Parking areas to make sure people park where they are supposed to park and not where they want to park," said Monterey County Supervisor Dave Potter.

Another change - a shortened route for the Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance.

"We want to do our best to stay out of the relief efforts for the fire, which means we will not be heading down to Big Sur," said Tour Director Sean Jacobs.

The route, which showcases the cars in motion, is normally around 70 miles. This year, they're reducing it to about 35 miles to avoid traveling down Highway 1, an important access route for firefighters.

"It wasn't a hard decision because we know the bigger picture and knowing that the most important thing is to stay out of their way," said Jacobs.

Monterey-Salinas Transit is also encouraging people to take the bus and avoid driving. Starting next week, people who live on or near the Monterey Peninsula can buy a monthly transit pass for $13 - that's down from $95.

"They can travel safely and not have to worry about parking, which is such a problem here during Car Week," said Carl Sedoryk with Monterey-Salinas Transit.

All these changes come as good news for Cal Fire.

"We feel pretty confident that we are going to be able to get to the places we need to get to when we need to get to them," said Mark Edria with Cal Fire.

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