Catchy ringtone reminds undocumented immigrants of their rights

Ringtone to help handle ICE officers

SALINAS, Calif. - A new phone jingle to helps keep undocumented immigrants from being arrested and deported.

The Salinas Farm Workers Foundation is sharing a ringtone with the community, reminding people of their rights.

“You have the right to not sign anything and not to say anything,” the 20-second tune intones, hammering home the message that arrestees can stay silent and that people have the right to ask for an attorney.

“That can win some time maybe for the family to find a lawyer and start helping the process,” said Lauro Barajas, regional director of United Farm Workers.

Concerns over deportation has been on the rise in many parts of the county. Earlier this month, a union in Chicago first put out this ringtone. And now, it’s being shared in several cities in California.

Recent ICE operations have put many on edge on the Central Coast. That's why United Farm Workers wants to spread the word close to people ears.

The ringtone can be downloaded at

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