CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A mesmerizing sulfur fire in Wyoming

Sulfur fire in Wyoming

WORLAND, WY - Firefighters captured  mesmerizing images from a sulfur fire in Wyoming. The dangerous sulfur fire over the weekend made for some beautiful flames but the fire department captured the video on camera as a lesson to the public.

Firefighters in Worland responded to a report of an unknown type of fire. Crews found a sulfur mound that had been ignited at a recycling center on Highway 20. They quickly put out the fire by adding minimal amount of water to cool the surface. They also took the opportunity to educate others, posting “despite the beautiful flames, burning sulfur creates a hazardous gas called sulfur dioxide.”

Burning sulfur creates sulfur dioxide gas that has a very strong chocking odor. The fire was burning in a bowl shaped area, which allowed all runoff to be collected in the fire area.


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