Caught on Camera: Dog Nearly Escapes Cage

Caught on Camera Dog Nearly Escapes Cage

A video of a beagle climbing up her cage in an attempt to escape has gone viral.

Buttermilk, a mid-sized dog at the Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter in Virginia, was caught on camera mid-escape by a caretaker.

The video shows Buttermilk gingerly climbing to the top of the 4-foot-cage, before perching on the top.

Buttermilk was not harmed and was given an exam after her climb. She was also moved into a different style kennel that will prevent her from trying to climb and escape.

The shelter said Buttermilk had been adopted prior to the video going viral, and her new owner plans to take her home Friday (12/1).

The shelter's animals are often named after food brought in by volunteers. In Buttermilk's case, it was pancakes.

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