Central California Woman's Mugshot Posted To Facebook Quickly Going Viral

FRESNO, Calif. - A Central California woman’s booking photo has been turning heads on social media.

Detectives arrested Mirella Ponce on Monday. Gang officers pulled her over in Fresno and allegedly found Ponce with a gun, her baby and two other documented gang members in her car.

Fresno police posted her photo to Facebook, like they do with many of their arrests.

However, this particular one has been shared more than 4,000 times. It has garnered thousands of reactions and comments.

One commenter wrote, “The only crime she committed was stealing my heart.”

Another said, “She’s beautiful tho that highlight poppin.”

Some even offered to pay her bail.

Unfortunately for anyone with such motives, such a grand gesture would come with a liability for the person who pays for the bail.

“You have to know and trust that person in jail that he or she is going to do the right thing,” bail bondsman Charles Vang told CBS47.

Vang went on to say that if the inmate missed her court date, you could be stuck paying the whole bail amount.

For Ponce, she’s being held on $155,000 bail.

Social media experts are already liking the case to that of Stockton’s Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot garnered national attention.

Meeks, who served his time in prison for the arrest, is now working as a model and is a staple of British tabloids for his relationship with Chloe Green – the heiress of the clothing retailer Topshop.

A legal analyst told CBS47 that Ponce’s looks could help her in court.

“Judges do go more lenient on women period because of the bias, frankly. But there are a lot of female judges out there as well,” Charles Magill said.

Fresno police have not commented about Ponce’s case since the original Facebook post.

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