Central Coast DACA recipients still in limbo

Central Coast reacts to DACA delays

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - With DACA's deadline hitting today, California will be affected the most as our state is home to the largest number of DACA recipients.

We're told one of the most dangerous things those who support DACA can do is stay quiet about it. And local politicians are making sure they are as loud as possible.

People like Monterey County District Supervisor Luis Alejo, who is currently in our nation's capitol for the National Association of Counties Legaslative Conference. He told us he was part of an immigration task force where local leaders were able to express their concerns on all things related to immigration, including DACA. He said representatives from immigration and customs enforcement were at the meeting, but couldn't give any reassurances about who they arrest, when or where. He said he talked about the importance of immigrants to the central coast.

"We have a large immigrant population, and our agriculture and hospitality industries are very dependent on it. And so we're here to also raise those concerns for our immigrant families that we need to find a bi-partisan solution between democrats and republicans because this issue is not going away and things only seem to be getting worse when we are seeing enforcement and raids rather than seeing bi-partisan compromise on legislation that could really help the lives of millions of immigrants all over California," said Monterey County District One Supervisor Luis Alejo.

Alejo says he will be meeting tomorrow with California Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein as well as representative Jimmy Panetta. They will be focused on several issues within Monterey County, a big part of which will be centered around the DACA program and Dreamers in the area.

Alejo says the best way to make your voice heard about DACAis to write and call your local and state politicians and voice your concerns. He says enough voices concentrated on one topic is impossible to ignore.

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