Central Coast PG&E crews heading to Florida to aid with Irma

CENTRAL COAST, Calif. - Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) crews will travel to help restore power to Floridians impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Five 4-men crews from the Central Coast are staging in Sacramento today before they head to Florida.

About 100 PG&E employees, including line workers, equipment operators, supervisors and support personnel, are preparing for the trip. Other crews based in the North, Bay Area, Central Valley and other locations will be involved in the restoration efforts as part of a mutual aid agreement with Florida Power & Light (FPL).

“As the recent earthquake in Napa County reminded us, we never know when the next natural disaster will strike our area. We are constantly assessing opportunities to improve our readiness to respond and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with FPL to support one another in being ready to serve our customers in times of need. This cross-continent agreement makes extra resources available from a utility unlikely to be affected by the same natural disaster,” said Geisha Williams, PG&E’s Executive Vice President of electric operations.


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