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Community Foundation Sets Up Fund For Big Sur Fire

Organization Already Has Over $39,000

MONTEREY, Calif. - Bill Doolittle came to donate his hard-earned money at Community Foundation for Monterey County.

"There are a number of families, some of which I already know so I have a tie to the Big Sur community myself," Doolittle said.

And it's people like Doolittle who also got on the horn to the Community Foundation for Monterey County as soon as the Pfeiffer Fire broke out. So the organization set up the "Big Sur Fire Fund."

 "All fees on this fund are waved so 100 percent of each and every donation will go directly to support the residents in need in the Big Sur community," said Christine Dawson with the Community Foundation.

Agencies like the fire department, American Red Cross and Big Sur Health Center need to apply for the grant. The foundation started the pot at $10,000.

Since the Community Foundation opened up its fund Wednesday night it since doubled this Thursday morning with people calling in, emailing and even coming through the old-fashioned way, through the door. 

So far, they've raised $39,385.

The Community Foundation was well prepared for this disaster because of its opportunity fund: money set aside for this exact reason that can be tapped into quickly.

"It's just the way this community should work and I'm willing to step up and others should too help out those less fortunate," said Doolittle.

Because there are so many unknowns about a wild fire, the recovery process is also unpredictable. That's where, the organization says, the money will come in handy the most.

The money will not be distributed until the agencies apply for the grant.  But they can start applying Monday.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can donate to the relief effort.

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