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Dear Jon: Busing students is not necessarily a free ride

School district's transportation departments implement school board's direction

Busing students from anywhere within a school district is not a given. Ree emailed me and asked, "Dear Jon, why doesn't the Board of Education provide school buses for all the schools?"

School districts have their school boards or boards of education; these are elected positions within the school district. They set the school boundaries, bus routes and times and what if any transportation they'll provided for students.

They'll also determine if there's a fee families have to pay for school bus privileges and how far a student has to live from the school site to be able to have school bus privileges.

Challenges arise in a few scenarios, such as if the bus route only goes out so far, but the student lives further out from the end of the bus route. Then it becomes the parent's responsibility to get the student to the bus stop or to school if they don't want to ride the bus.

Or let's say the family lives within the school boundaries, close to the bus route, but they want their child to go to another school outside the school boundaries. Then it becomes the parent's responsibility to get the child to and from that school they wish their child to attend.

After calling and talking to several school districts for this report, it's suggested that if a parent has a question about school buses or their unique situation, call the school district's transportation department and ask for the department manager. They'll be able to answer all your questions about what the district provides and any limitations for student transportation.

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