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Dear Jon: City and County play "who owns the bridge" game

Salinas owns up to ownership; promises fix

When you write to me, you'd like an answer to your question, I get that. Sandra wanted to know, "Dear Jon, when is the city of Salinas going to fix the unsightly bridge and fence at Independence and Boronda?" I called the Salinas Public Works to get an answer and what ensued was a "head scratcher".

If you've driven by the intersection of Independence avenue and Boronda road in Salinas, right across the street from Everett Alvarez high school, you'll notice that the corner of the concrete and the fencing on the bridge along the creek has been damaged. This has been damaged for over a year and half.

I called the city Public Works department to get an answer. If you've been following the news, I've reported recently that Salinas has major money issues. My assumption was that this is why the bridge fix has been tardy.

At first the city told me this was a Monterey county issue. I called the county and the county sent me a map showing that this was a Salinas problem. So back to the city of Salinas, sigh. Finally Larry Otis the maintenance supervisor with Salinas admitted he'd made a mistake and this is a city issue. Now we can get somewhere on the question.

Otis assured me they have bids out for this bridge and 3 other bridges in the city to get fixed. When? Otis said no sooner than 3 months from now.

So keep your eye on that bridge for repairs. You know I will!

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