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Dear Jon: Is the State and Federal Government Aiding and Abetting Undocumented Immigrants?

Viewer puzzled by government helping undocumented immigrants

Bill is puzzled, "Dear Jon, I was under the impression that if you help someone break the law, that you're breaking the law too. Why does our government help the illegals in so many ways?" This is one of those head scratchers but as far as I can research, the answer has to do with our government's view of what's good for the undocumented immigrants is good for the citizenry.

Another words, our government currently feels that helping undocumented immigrants is helping you and me too.

Take Assembly Bill 60, the new law recently signed by Gov. Brown to allow undocumented immigrants a California drivers license by January of 2015. The law's authors and the governor felt that this would be good for the public's safety. Supporters said it's better to have an undocumented immigrant learn the laws of our roadways and be insured for the greater good than not and potentially cause added expenses to all involved if an accident occurs. Remember I've already answered the question about the "motor-voter" law, these licenses for undocumented immigrants do not allow them to vote!

As far as health care goes, adult undocumented immigrants can't sign up for Covered California under the Affordable Care Act, but their children born in the U.S. can.

Another benefit to undocumented immigrants is "Deferred Action", where the current administration has stopped deporting minor undocumented immigrants under the guidelines for the DREAM Act. This is still being debated and opposed by many. Evidently the current administration feels, in the long run, this is for the greater good and they can use executive powers in this case.

The big picture is that lawmakers are stalling a comprehensive immigration reform. The Senate has passed an immigration reform bill that does provide a path to citizenship. The Republicans in the House, though, refuse to take up this bill citing their desire to tackle immigration issues one by one. So in the meantime a lot of these aids to undocumented immigrants are springing up at the state level in the form of state laws. Or there is "discretion" within federal laws that allows the executive branch of the government to suggest a level of enforcement without actually changing the law. That in itself is a head scratcher!

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