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Dear Jon: Kids want to know when their park slide is getting fixed

Slide at Eldorado Park in Salinas has been boarded up for over a year

I received this question on Facebook, about a slide at Eldorado Park, in Salinas off Hardin Parkway. Showbiz in Salinas asked, "Dear Jon, the main play slide at Eldorado Park has been boarded up for more than a year, kids in the neighborhood want to know when it will be fixed."

The city's public works director, Gary Peterson, tells me the main slide at Eldorado Park costs $10,000! Getting the money has been the issue.

The good news is that just last week the city moved some planning funds around to pay for the new slide. It's now on order. And I'm told the slide should be fixed in 30 days.

But that's not the only problem with Eldorado Park. Peterson says new wood chips need to be put down in all the play areas, and they need to pave the blacktop sidewalks that are cracked.

So 30 days to fix the slide; the rest may take longer. We'll be watching.

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