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Dear Jon: Salinas' Police Department fence may have to wait

Finding enough funding; a reoccurring problem for the city

Fencing in the Salinas police department parking area in downtown has been called a safety issue for the department. We've reported on this as far back as February of 2013. Michael asked, "Dear Jon, whatever happened to the $100K that went towards the public safety fund, that was going towards a fence for the SPD?"

A lot of cost figures have been tossed around for the last year and half to get the police parking lot fenced in for the privacy and safety of officers.

 As you might imagine this project is coming down to "show me the money."

The city Council back in January approved $180,000 in "Measure V" funds for a stucco fence and gate to close in the police parking lot. "Measure V" funds are sales taxes that are used for various city needs.

Here's the issue, the money the city has approved for the fence is $180,000. But the bids that have come in- are for around $300,000. The reason? It's a very sophisticated gate system.

So unless the Police Department finds the extra money, about $120,000, the fence will have to wait.

The city can hold the bids open for 90 days. So by June 3, if the balance of the funds don't come in, the city can withdraw the bidding process. At that point, they can change the fence project to lower the cost, continue to look for the money and then open bidding again.

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