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Dear Jon: Save yourself inspection fee from water district

District may call for second inspection and fee

If you're doing any home remodeling this spring you should be aware that your water faucets, shower heads and toilets need to be compliant with the water district's codes. Steve wrote to me and asked, "Dear Jon, Do I have to pay the $105 inspection fee to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, even though I sent my invoices saying that I upgraded my appliances?"

You did the right thing in sending in the invoices, but if the invoices don't spell out that the new appliances meet certain flow rates, you may be in trouble.

I called the district and here's what their policy is. The first on-site district inspection on a property is always free. If that property is in compliance, they'll provide you with a passing report. If after an inspection, they find that appliances need to be upgraded to meet the acceptable specifications, they'll issue a compliance report.

If the inspector has to return to the property for any reason, you'll be charged $105. If you send in receipts saying that you've changed appliances, the district says that those receipts must specify the appliances are the proper specifications and flow rates. If not, the district may need to return to the home for a second inspection. That's when the $105 fee kicks-in.

So make sure you correspond to the district in the proper manner. You may be able to take a picture of packaging of the new water appliances with the flow rates with your smartphone and email them to the district.  That would save you time and headaches and a potential fee for a second inspection.

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