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Dear Jon: Standard polices won't insure you against nature

You need "comprehensive" coverage

With Spring, it's tornado season in the Midwest and Southeast and the devastation is becoming an annual occurrence. Sadly, at least 38 people have died in just the last week. Debbie wrote to me on Facebook and seeing a lot of our weather coverage and asked, "I know there's homeowners insurance to rebuild homes, but what about vehicles destroyed by an act of God like a tornado?"

The storms this week in Oklahoma, Iowa, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia that spawned tornadoes and winds up to 190 mph in some cases, also brought heavy flooding. Damage estimates are adding up to be in the billions of dollars. And yes, homeowner's insurance and federal assistance will help them rebuild.

Video from storm chasers has shown numerous cars and trucks mangled. But can you file a claim for car or motor home damaged from an act of God, such as a tornado?

Yes you can, according to my source in the insurance industry. The key is, you have to carry optional "comprehensive" coverage on your auto policy which would cover weather related damage. Wind damage, hail damage and other weather related damage is all covered.

If you have just general liability coverage, such as public liability and property damage, that basic coverage doesn't cover weather related events.

Experts say if you live in tornado alley or any area where severe weather can appear, always carry "comprehensive" coverage on your auto policy.

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