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Dear Jon: Surviving Identity Theft No Easy Task

Let's talk about your identity. Cherami wrote to me and asks, "Dear Jon, what do we do when no one will help my husband with his identity theft that he's been dealing with since 2005?" This is such a problem in society today and California is a hot bed for ID theft. And yes, it can take years to solve you're issues. I found some help for you.

First of all, it should be said that no one can take charge of your identity like you, no attorney, no one. That said, I did some research and found a booklet online from the Federal Trade Commission. This is the federal agency that is designed by our government to protect consumers. In order to find this booklet, all I did was a Google search with the question "What do I do about identity theft?"

If you briefly look at its contents you'll find there are some immediate steps you need to take when you feel your identity is stolen. First, place a fraud alert with your credit bureaus. Then order your credit reports and create an identity theft report with local law enforcement. Then there are some practical suggestions on who to contact.

After this review your credit report and dispute errors with credit reporting companies. The booklet goes into how to get copies of documents the identity thief used. It's a very comprehensive 43 page online manual to help you take charge of your identity.

But remember, you have to take charge! No one will do this for you! Yes, it's a pain and identity theft can keep you from enjoying your life. But as you take these steps, monitor your progress and create a system to organize your papers and track deadlines and phone calls you've made. Hopefully in time you can return to some semblance of normalcy.

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