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Dear Jon: Target email called into question

Security breach puts customers on edge

Up to 110 million Target customers have been impacted by their recent security breach. It's no wonder if anything Target related shows up on your email you question its legitimacy. Sherry sent me this email, "Dear Jon, I got this email from Target, is it for real or a scam?" Let's take a look.

Take a look at the photo attached to this story. It's addressed to "Dear Target Guest." Generally speaking the email talks about the free one-year credit monitoring that target has said it will provide its customers who used their debit and charge cards during the period in question in December. It's signed by the CEO Gregg Steinhafel.

In the photo I've enlarged the "From", "To" and "Subject" portion of the email. What's in question is the "From" line, it says in parentheses, "TargetNews@Target.bfio.com." When you typically get Target email, it would come from just "Target.com."

So like Sherry, many of our viewers wondered if this was real or a scam?

I contacted Target corporate media relations and sent them a copy of the email.

They said yes this email is legitimate, so no worries here.

Target has set up a corporate website, Target.com/Breach. If you log on there, you'll see this email that was sent out in mid-January. You'll also see all the legitimate correspondence that Target is sending to customers about the security breach.

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