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Dear Jon: Those 'little bumps' on the sidewalk drive her crazy

Bumpy transitions from sidewalk to street help visually impaired

They're hard to miss, those little bumps- as you transition from the sidewalk to the parking lot at your favorite store. Dianne asked me, "Dear Jon, why oh why, do grocery stores have those little bumps on the curb? I hate them as they knock everything around in the cart!"

After doing some research on this, I've found that the "little bumps" are called "truncated domes" or "tactile ground surface indicators."

The Americans with Disabilities act of 1990 required that curbs be removed and ramps installed where streets meet the sidewalk. The ramps took away the means for those with visual impairments to know that they were stepping onto a street. Now the ADA requires these sidewalk warnings when installing or altering curb ramps.

So the next time you run your grocery cart over those little domes, know that someone with a visual impairment will benefit by being warned they're entering a street or parking lot.

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