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Dear Jon: You ask, I get answers

Maintenance crew fixes Salinas bridge fencing after my inquiry

In February I received a note from Sandra in Salinas: "Dear Jon, why has the unsightly fencing and metal bars not been fixed over the creek on Boronda Road and Independence Avenue?" I went to work on that with the City of Salinas Public Works Department.

After determining that it was, in fact a city issue, city maintenance supervisor Larry Otis told me at the time, that they were getting ready to look for bids to fix the fencing at the Boronda Road and Independence Avenue and at three other locations in the city and it would take a minimum of three months.

For a year and a half, the fencing on this bridge in question remained mangled until we asked about it. Suffice to say, the fix would cost money that the city didn't have. Public works director Gary Peterson tells me, that after my call to him, his maintenance guys actually were able to find the materials on hand, and started mending the fence within days of us contacting them, and with utilizing staff hours only.

So Sandra asked and we pursued the issue with the city and now we have results. That's one of the ways "Dear Jon" can be of service to the community.

I will say this, city maintenance guys had to be resourceful to get this fixed with materials on hand. Kudos to them. Those that drive this road will not have to look at a mangle fence anymore.

Judging from the attached photo is the fix perfect? No. Is it fixed? Yes.

As to other locations in the city where similar fencing needs to be repaired, Peterson tells me they need $10,000 to $25,000 and they have to go to the city council for that. That will take another month or more and they may not get the money.

The key here? Ask me and together we can get things done! 

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