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Knowledge is power with sales tax charges

Know your sales tax rate up front

DEAR JON - Sales tax is a fact of life for the buying public. "Raider" emailed me and asked, "Dear Jon, if you're charged a higher sales tax then you're supposed to, who do you report this to?" Sales taxes are approved of by voters for the state, city and county.

Since my initial report on sales taxes, I received several emails from viewers saying they believe that they've been over-charged for sales taxes at various restaurants on the central coast. What can you do about it?

First of all, know what your sales tax is. You can do a Google search and find that out very easily from the State Board of Equalization website.

Check your receipt and if you're sure you've been over-charged your best course of action would be to report it to your cities Department of Finance or directly to your cities code enforcement. Sometimes cities will investigate these themselves or they'll inform their consultants and they'll do a third party investigation.

If you're brave and you notice the issue right away, call them on it. Sometimes at smaller restaurants your bill is calculated manually and human errors do occur.

I had heard of cases where large chain restaurants are over-charging sales taxes as well as here on the central coast. But be tactful and if you don't get satisfaction, go to the next level. And is that doesn't satisfy you, complain to the State Board of Equalization.

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