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Carmel: a pup-ular place

Dog friendly reputation is well deserved

Carmel: A pup-ular place

CARMEL, Calif. - On any given day, you'll find more than just people walking the streets of Carmel-By-The-Sea. You'll also see their pets. Carmel has gained a reputation of being canine friendly, but some have no clue why.

More than 20 years ago, Hollywood actress Doris Day became a co-owner of the Cypress Inn and began allowing guests to bring their pets.

"We have dog bowls and at check in you have blankets, special blankets for the dogs, and bowls and other amenities," said Cypress Inn General Manager Peter Radler. "Even washing areas. Come in with sand (and) hose down the dogs."

Many visitors also come to Carmel because Carmel Beach allows dogs, unique among California Beaches.

From the shores to the shops, businesses also cater to canines, especially pet supply store Diggity Dog.

"Everybody comes with their dogs for the most part, and if they don't have their dogs, they come in here looking for something for their dogs so they can take it back home," said store general manager Carolyn Hutchison.

Hutchison says the most popular items are from the biscuit bar, along with clothing and collars.

Others place, like the Carmel Bakery, offer coffee and pastries to humans and some pretty fancy cookies for "good boys."

And it doesn't end there. The Forge in the Forest not only allows dogs, but also has a dog menu featuring steaks, burgers, hot dogs and chicken.

"We take very good care of the dogs,'' said Owner Greg Profeta. "We always bring them a bowl of water before we start and present them with their very own dog menu."

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