CHP Santa Cruz issues dozens of citations during planned speed enforcement

Top speeder caught going 93 mph

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - The California Highway Patrol is conducting speed enforcement all over Santa Cruz County and have already given out dozens of citations. 

CHP Santa Cruz said Wednesday is their monthly BADGES event where they have available motorcycle officers in the county conduct focused enforcement in areas around the county. In the morning, officers were designated to the south county area of Highway 1, south of Rio Del Mar. 

63 citations were written for speed, distracted driving, and even impounded a car. The top speeder for the day was caught driving 93 mph. 

Officers were also on Highway 17 near the summit where a team of four motorcycle cops and a patrol officer were looking for speeders. 

"We are moving to an undisclosed location within the county for additional enforcement," said CHP Santa Cruz. 

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