CHP sees increase in accidents with latest storm system..

CHP Sees Large Increase in Accidents After Rain Storm

SALINAS, Calif. - California Highway Patrol says they saw an increase in accidents, Friday into Saturday, after this recent storm system rolled through the Central Coast.

CHP Officer Ryan McDonald says, "yesterday we probably took two to three times more accidents than we would on a normal Friday afternoon." Most of those accidents stemming from drivers not slowing down in windy and rainy conditions.

"A lot of it has to do with people don’t slow down, they forget to slow down when it’s raining and when they have to make a quick movement because of traffic they are unable to, or they do and they end up overcorrecting and crashing into something,” says Officer McDonald.

Aside from slowing down Officer McDonald says drivers need to leave more room in front of them and the car they are following. "You need to increase your following distance, when a roadway is wet you can't stop in time. That also applies to semi-trucks who can't stop as quickly."

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