City of Monterey declares month "No Straw November"

MONTEREY, Calif. - The Monterey City Council has proclaimed  November 2017 as “No Straw November” in the City of Monterey.

So what exactly does this entail? Officials say to participate, it's fairly simple.

  • You are asked to tell wait staff you do not want a straw if they automatically provide one.
  •  If you do want a straw, keep the same one if you are refilling your drink.
  •  Businesses and other groups who provide straws are encouraged to only do so upon request and try to find compostable, biodegradable or reusable alternatives for the straws they do provide 
  • Follow and share ways you are participating in the campaign on social media at #NoStrawNovember to help spread the knowledge.

Officials say straws cause an unnecessarily large negative impact on the environment. Like many things that are a threat to public health, safety and the environment, straws are something society is used to and something often thought of that is so small that it will not make a difference.

“Five hundred million straws are used and consumed every day in the United States alone,” said Sustainability Coordinator Ted Terrasas. “That’s equivalent to 175 billion straws per year, which is enough straws to wrap around the Earth 2.5 times per day!!” Straws often find their way into littering our beaches and waterways. Like many plastics, in addition to being harmful to the environment, are also directly harmful to animal life that confuse them for food. Even if they are properly disposed of, like all plastic products, straws will sit in a landfill for decades.

The official proclamation is available by clicking here.

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