City of Salinas set to clean several homeless camps Friday

SALINAS, Calif. - Beginning at 7 a.m. another sweep of at least five homeless encampments around the Salinas is expected to happen. 

Commission, Division and Bridge Streets, as well as Market Street near California Street, and Front Street at Alisal are included in today's sweep. Also the homeless campers in Sherwood Park and Carr Lake have all been given notice of the clean up as well. Everything must be packed up and off the streets.  There are 33 homeless camps around Salinas and last year alone more than 100-tons of debris was pulled. And while many heed the warning, others do not. 

"They've been coming down and putting a notice up that says they're going to do a sweep on a certain day. If they're smart it gives them a chance to get their stuff together and not run around like a chicken with their head cut off. We pack it up in a shopping cart and move it around until they're gone and then set it back up. But when you lose everything, you're lost. It's like taking what little bit we don't have away," says Chinatown Resident Keith Rudolph.

The City of Salinas said they do this as a health and safety measure. Because if the camps are up too long they get rodents. The City is also trying to prevent the outbreak of disease, like they've seen at homeless camps in San Diego. The city there is dealing with a Hepatitis A outbreak, and just recorded the 20th death because of it. 

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