Cleaning up the San Lorenzo River area in Santa Cruz

Volunteers planting flowers and plants

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Volunteers gathered in Santa Cruz to clean up the area near the San Lorenzo River on Saturday.

More than a dozen people met near the Laurel Street Bridge on the river walk to help plant flowers and remove other plants.

It was all part of a project to help improve the look and health of the area.

“So we have volunteers out here removing invasive species and planting native species so that the ecosystem improves and it’s just pretty for the whole community,” said Greg Pepping, Executive Director of Coastal Watershed Council.

“We are planting blackberries right now. I'm just thinking it's like the next time I go for a walk here the blackberries are growing and I can just grab a snack on the way to work or something. It's going to be pretty cool,” said volunteer Patrick Qizon.

Volunteers will be back in the area for another clean up event on October 28th.



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