Code Enforcement will be looking for those selling flowers illegally on Valentine's Day

Code Enforcement will be looking for...

SALINAS. Calif. - During holidays like Valentine's Day, the city will issue temporary land permits, so people can make a little money selling flowers, however you do need to have a permit.  

Last year, the city issued 42 temporary land use permits. This year -- only 23. One reason for the drastic drop is likely because today is not only Valentine's day, but also Ash Wednesday, the start of lent.  Fewer permits, though, doesn't mean less enforcement. 

"If we see someone selling flowers illegally, we will ask them to cease, to stop, to pack up and move. If we come back and they are still there we can issue a 100-dollar citation, plus we can also confiscate the product," said Senior Code Enforcement Officer Lorenzo Sanchez. 

Irma Ramirez received a permit through the City and has set up shop in East Salinas on North Sanborn. She has been doing this for 20 years, but says she's afraid business wont be as good because people are worried about immigration. 

"People please come out here, don't be scared. Come out here and buy some things for your loved one," said Flower Vendor Irma Ramirez. 

 Ramirez and the other vendors will be open until around 8:00 p.m. tonight or all their goodies sell. 

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