Death toll rises after 8.1 Earthquake in Mexico - biggest in 100 years

CHIAPAS STATE, Mexico - The 8.1 quake, which struck off the southern coast of Mexico, is the most powerful earthquake to hit the area in 100 years. Terrified people ran for their lives as they fled buildings they worried would fall. The earthquake toppled houses in Chiapas State and caused buildings to sway violently as far away as Mexico City.

"Up to a few minutes ago the estimates were that the earthquake was 8.4. There is a very recent update of the magnitude of the earthquake, which is 8.2. This makes it the earthquake with the biggest magnitude to be recorded in our country in at least the last 100 years. Unfortunately, we have already received reports of loss of human life and of material damage that we cannot yet quantify. We will do that in the coming hours and days to learn what damage the earthquake has caused. I want to report that according to a preliminary report, there are five people dead, two in Tabasco and three in Chiapas," said Mexicos President Enrique Pena Nieto.

32 confirmed deaths as of Friday morning. 

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