Dogs being reunited with their families down from previous year at this time

Animals lost on fourth of July holiday

SALINAS, Calif. - Fourth of July has come and gone, and for some, so have their pets. According to Animal Control most lots pets get brought to the shelter the night of and days after July 4th. The City of Salinas Animal Shelter has kept after hour kennels open for people to bring lost pets. 

"Every year we get full. Good Samaritans find them and bring them to us. They often don't have tags or microchips so they will sit here for some time before they are claimed or placed for adoption," said Animal Control Officer Petra Lewis.

According to Animal Shelter Interim Manager Kathy Prew, during this time last year 34 dogs and two puppies were brought in and 11 returned to their families. This year 22 dogs and two puppies were turned in, but only six returned so far. 

If you're dog is missing you're encouraged to check at the shelter. Owners have three days to claim their pets before they go up for adoption. The City of Salinas Animal Shelter is located at 144 Hitchcock Road.

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