Dominican's 15th annual holiday dog show

Holiday dog show

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Dogs are helping spread the holiday cheer on the central coast today.

Dominican hospital held its 15th annual dog show featuring adorable dogs owned by the hospital's staff and physicians.

Though the event is fun and prizes are awarded to the jolliest dogs, what's most interesting is the story of how the event started.

It began when an ICU patient had to give up her dog as her health was deteriorating.

And she wanted to see it one last time...

So workers came up with a solution.

Laura Likar says, "There was a patient who was very sad that their dog couldn't visit them in the hospital. So we started a little parade outside the hospital with our dogs and their dog. And it was so much fun we decided to do it every year to celebrate our pets"

The event brings smiles to patients in the hospital during the holidays, while also serving as a fundraiser to help shelter pets at the santa cruz spca.

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