Dear Jon: Be sure a student loan is what you want

It'll take an act of Congress to get out of it

Dear Jon: Can You Get Out of Student Loans?

Student Loans are often a necessary evil for the college bound. You'll understand why I say that after you read this Dear Jon report. Jessica messaged me on Facebook and asked, "Dear Jon, I forgot to put in my papers to defer my student loans, now it's in default. I also have new family commitments now; can I get out of my loan?"

Time for some tough love. You'll most likely not like what I've found.

The short answer is since 2005 it's virtually impossible get out of a student loan after congress changed the laws. They've made it so easy to qualify for student loans now. But the flip side of that is they've made it impossible to walk away from the student loans, even through bankruptcy.

I've made several calls to financial aid departments and sent a few emails to financial aid counselors. None have responded.

And there's a reason for that.

Student loans are big business right now. Private schools and colleges are almost predatory in their efforts to enroll students and to have them pay for their education through student loans, whether they're government subsidized or private loans.

Once a student is approved and draws on that loan, that student is stuck until it's paid off or Congress changes the law.

You can defer payment in various ways with lenders. But no matter the type of student loan, the various bankruptcy avenues have been eliminated as a way to get out of a student loan.

You could still file for bankruptcy and have all your other debts reorganized or retired, but you'll still have to pay off the student loans. That's just the way it is now.

Sad to say, once you commit and draw on that student loan, you're hooked.

Student loans have the fewest solutions and options to deal with the debt; you're essentially a financial slave. Student loans have created a class of people who can barely make ends meet while paying the student loans.

It's disturbing to say this least.

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