Watsonville charter school receives new home

Watsonville charter school finds permanent home

WATSONVILLE, Calif. - The final touches are being made to CEIBA Charter Students' new home.

 "The Charter School opened in 2008 and since then we've occupied five different buildings in downtown Watsonville and we're very excited to have a permanent home," said CEO of CEIBA Public Schools Tom Brown.

 Brown told News Channel 5 that the school has been looking for a permanent home for the past six years.

 "At one time or another we've probably talked about every large building in Watsonville," said Brown

 In just over two weeks time, the ladders will be gone, the lights will be on, and the school will be filled with over five hundred students from sixth to 12th grade.

 "Normally we start the first week in August but we have occupied four separate buildings in downtown Watsonville so this gives us an opportunity to consolidate our operations and bring all of our campuses into one building," said Brown.

 This year, school will start Sept. 2nd.

 "For people who are use to traditional school calendar it might take a little adjusting but I think in the end we're very confident this is going to be a huge gain, a huge win for our students," said Brown. 

 The charter school is still considered a public school and is allowed to receive funding from the state and the Pajaro Valley Unified School District. CEIBA Charter School will give a full dedication on the building on Nov. 15th

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