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MONTEREY, Calif. - "The Monterey Museum of Art was founded in 1989 and it's a beautiful property with rose gardens and lovely views of Monterey out to the bay. It's a really beautiful special location with a lot of history here in Monterey. It was originally a domestic residence that was given to the museum in the 1980s to be an art museum. We have very beautiful art gallery spaces connected with a historical home in a sanctuary that has beautiful gardens and gorgeous views. There's a history adobe on the property. We treasure our history, treasure our past, but we also embrace what it offers us in the present and we look to the future as we celebrate our 55th anniversary." said Executive Director Charlotte Eyerman.

"We have "Extraordinary People" portraits by Yousuf Karsh. Yousuf Karsh is an Armenian Canadian artist. He is celebrated for photographing the most influential people of the 20th century. He was able to transform an entirely different world through his camera. His lighting techniques are very similar to what you would see of a film noir. He uses very dramatic lighting. The exhibit offers three prime examples that we put up front and center when you walk into the museum. We have Joan Baez who is a folk singer and also a political activist. Right next to her, with his wonderful profile is Jack Cousto." said Cheif Curator Karen Crews Hendon.

"The Museum also offers a painting by E. Charleston Gortune. She painted it in 1920. It's called "Hatton Ranch." It's a relatively recent acquisition. We have a terrific collection of California art in paintings, works on paper, and photographs in particular. The photograph exhibits at La Mirada shows some of the great strengths of our collection.' said Eyerman.

In the words of Yousuf Karsh; he said that one portrait changed his life. Winston Churchill came over and, with all do respect, Yousuf Karsh said "please forgive me sir" and he took out the cigar from Churchills' mouth, clicked the camera and at the musuem you can see the actual portrait. After this occurred, many people with already existing prominence or raising fame, they wanted to be "karshed" as well." said Crews Hendon.

"This area has always been a magnet for artists and creative people and for thinkers and visitors who are here as tourists. There is so much to do here and The Art Museum is definitely a highlight." said Eyerman.

"I think it's very important to think about the people in your own community that add to culture and how you can be a part of it. It's extremely significant whether you realize it or not." said Crews Hendon.

"Art opens your eyes. It can transform the way you see the world. It opens up the next question and how you view new experiences. It's a way of taking a journey without having to get on an airplane. We are here to preserve and present the incredible legacy that we have." said Eyerman.

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