Flag that flew over Tomb of the Unknown will be raised up at Central Coast Veterans Cemetery

Flag that flew over Tomb of the...

SALINAS, Calif. -  An American flag that has traveled across the country and flown over the most sacred ground has now come full circle. It has returned back to the Central Coast.

KION was there in September when veterans and family members took off from the American legion in Salinas. They were carrying a flag that would eventually fly over the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. Their mission is now complete and the flag is back home. 

"we view that as sort of tying both sides of the country if you will. That just says we are unified as a country. So everyehwere that we went people were very welcoming, they helped us along the way. Far more emotional than any of us ever anticipated," said Ride Coordinator Hiram "crash" libby. 

Tomorrow at 10:00AM Congressman Panetta will present that flag. It will be raised tomorrow at the California State Central Coast Veterans Cemetery and then flown each Memorial Day. The public is invited and encouraged to attend, the veterans cemetery is on former fort ord. 

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